How it works?

Avtomain Invest platform
The core of the company is trading in cryptocurrency Maincoin.
The ecosystem of the platform is a wide range of products, allowing each user to maximize profits and increase their capital.
Buy Maincoin on our platform, open deposits, make money through marketing, participate in Staking pools and get prizes in the lottery!

Company Products

Trading platform
Investment in MNC
Buy Maincoin at the best prices
You don`t need to have the skills of a professional trader to work with the platform.
On the AVTOMAIN INVEST platform, MAINCOIN is purchased for you by a trading bot in automatic mode.
Buy MAINCOIN in any quantity and at a fixed price, which is definitely more profitable than buying a coin on other resources.
Use the marketing of the company and get generous rewards for it.
Invest, store, sell, make a profit
The cryptocurrency has no regulatory authorities, it is not subject to inflation and is an independent currency, and the demand for it is constantly growing, cryptocurrency is an excellent and most reliable investment tool.
MAINCOIN is a global fast-scalable investment vehicle.
Become a company manager and build your business
The referral program of the company allows managers to receive remuneration for 12 levels of the bonus system from the purchases of coins of each invited partner.
Any partner of the company can sell coins of the AVTOMAIN INVEST platform by inviting another participant using his referral link.
The referral structure you have built will bring you constant income.
Get a stable income from deposits in Maincoin
Buy Maincoin on our platform, open deposits and get passive and stable income in Maincoin cryptocurrency.
Profit on all deposits is fully secured from the trading activities of the company and from all commercial areas of the company.
Exchange your
Maincoin to Ethereum
On our platform, you can exchange your Maincoin for Ethereum in your personal account and withdraw Ethereum to your wallets.
You can also use your exchange balances to quickly transfer funds received in Ethereum to trading balances to purchase Maincoin.
Transfers are carried out instantly and without commissions.
Get passive income in Staking
Get passive income by participating in Staking.
Profit in Staking is provided by transactions from the company`s exchange resource, so your permanent income is not limited in time.
Build your pools and increase your profits.
The larger your pool , the higher your earnings.
the Staking pool and payment of income is made in the Ethereum cryptocurrency.
Participate in the most honest and profitable lottery
Anyone can take part in our lottery even without buying tickets.
Win huge prizes, build your teams and get 10% on the referral program.
The lottery is held in cryptocurrencies Maincoin and Ethereum
Maincoin Services
Maincoin Money
Maincoin Money official resource
All About Cryptocurrency Maincoin
Trading platforms
Technical documentation
Maincoin Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to quickly make transactions around the world.

The complete absence of regulatory organizations or any intermediaries.

The wallet is adapted for different types of cryptocurrencies ERC20 and has a high degree of protection.

Maincoin Explorer

Fully transparent MAINCOIN coin reporting.

All movements of funds are monitored worldwide at any time, which greatly simplifies the conduct of any business.

The product allows you to convert coins into various currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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