Marketing to managers
Referral Rewards Program

Our company pays special attention to affiliate rewards.
The referral program AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD allows managers to receive rewards at 12 levels of the bonus system from the purchase of coins of each invited partner.
The companys tools allow to fully realize their leadership potential and earn worthy in all areas of the company.

Referral program

Any company partner can sell platform coins AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD by inviting another member using their referral link.
The partner who invited the referral becomes the manager of the company.
The manager of the company receives referral rewards from any purchase of coins of his referral.
Payment of referral bonuses is made according to the general rules of the company in the currency in which the coins were purchased.
The referral structure you have built will bring you a steady income.
Use the advertising section of your personal account to attract your referrals.

Referral program consists of 12 levels

Referral rewards:

1 - 7%
2 - 2,5%
3 - 0,5%
4 - 0,25%
5 - 0,25%
6 - 0,20%
7 - 0,20%
8 - 0,15%
9 - 0,15%
10 - 0,10%
11 - 0,10%
12 - 0,10%