Investments MAINCOIN
What is MAINCOIN and why is it profitable to invest in this particular coin?

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the accounting of internal settlement units of which is provided by a decentralized payment system (there is no internal or external administrator or any analogue of it), working in a fully automatic mode.
Cryptocurrency is simply a number denoting the amount of data of accounting units, which is written in the corresponding position of the data packet of the data transfer protocol.
However, the system does not have any information about the owners of addresses.
Lack of information about the owner is the basis of anonymity of transaction participants.
The absence of any internal or external administrator for cryptocurrencies leads to the fact that banks, tax, judicial and other state or private bodies cannot influence the transactions of any participants in the payment system.
Cryptocurrency transfer is irreversible - no one can cancel, block, dispute or force a transaction.
Cryptocurrencies provide complete anonymity - all transactions between all addresses are publicly available, but there is no data on the address owners.
All data on cryptocurrencies (transactions, balances) is stored as a chain of blocks using Blockchain technology.
You can view information about all transfers to anyone.
Each new block contains information about previous transfers and commissions.

Can you call cryptocurrency money?

Yes, because cryptocurrency has its own value and can be exchanged for real money.
At the beginning of 2018, some countries recognized it as a payment instrument (Japan, Germany).
In 2019, in some countries they were allowed to officially pay salaries in Bitcoin .
Cryptocurrency allows you to send any amount of money to the other end of the world.
Like any exchange medium, cryptocurrency can be used to exchange for goods or other currencies, and the list of companies accepting cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services is constantly growing, and ATMs with a withdrawal function are located around the world.
Cryptocurrency debit cards are created that will allow their owners to pay for purchases through regular terminals in stores.
In other words, all this proves that cryptocurrency is a full-fledged electronic money.
Other users of the system recognize their value, which means that they are no different from ordinary money.
Cryptocurrencies automate monetary relations and make them completely transparent, in other words, cryptocurrency is the money of a new generation.

How to use cryptocurrency?

To use cryptocurrency, you only need access to the wallet.
Having access to the wallet, you can send your coins to any other crypto wallet around the world.
Using cryptocurrency is as easy as using any other payment system.
The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that this payment tool simultaneously includes both the investment platform and the money itself.
Cryptocurrency transfers are carried out directly from one wallet to another.
Therefore, the speed of the transfer is equal to the speed of transaction confirmation, and this time takes on average up to 10 minutes.
In just 10 minutes, you can send money to any wallet in the world without intermediaries!
There are no third parties who could steal funds.
Each transaction is displayed on the Blockchain and can be tracked.
By its nature, blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency transactions unchanged.
They cannot be canceled, delayed, duplicated, hidden or changed.
In such a system, it is impossible to cheat in the usual way, and it is protected from human errors, which makes cryptocurrency infinitely more transparent than simple electronic money in a bank.

Why can cryptocurrency rise in price?

Since the issue of coins is limited, according to the rules of the economy, cryptocurrency can only go up in price and it is not subject to inflation.
Cryptocurrency is an independent monetary unit.
Nobody regulates its emission and does not control the movement of funds in the account.

Can cryptocurrency be an investment tool?

Of course.
Since the cryptocurrency does not have any regulatory authorities, it is not subject to inflation, it is an independent monetary unit, and the demand for it is constantly growing, cryptocurrency is an excellent and most reliable investment tool.
You can just buy coins and wait until they grow in value.
For example, the Bitcoin rate has grown from $ 10 to $ 10,000 in just a few years.

What is MAINCOIN and why is it profitable to invest in this particular coin?

MAINCOIN is a decentralized digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain, issued with zero emission, that is, the number of coins is the same.
MAINCOIN is digital money that is better than cash because all transactions are anonymous and secure.
Only you can manage all your assets.
MAINCOIN gives freedom to any user to make any financial transactions around the world.
MAINCOIN is a global, rapidly scalable financial structure.
The presence of a huge number of MAINCOIN markets allows you to make purchases or conduct business anywhere in the world, and the limited number of coins issued and high demand guarantee a constant increase in the value of MAINCOIN .
Starting a business with MAINCOIN , companies conducting various business get the opportunity to completely reduce the costs of various types of reporting and accounting, as well as significantly increase cost savings due to low commissions and instant transactions.
The company MAINCOIN MONEY LTD conducts active technological developments based on the MAINCOIN coin, introducing it more and more into commercial business structures.
The main core of the use of the MAINCOIN coin is primarily payments between users for goods and services, as well as mutual settlements between large and small enterprises.
Thanks to the products of the commercial direction of MAINCOIN MONEY LTD , the development of the ecosystem of the coin is aimed specifically at the commercial segment of scaling, thereby making the coin more and more popular and widely used in the economy.
Thus, the liquidity of the coin and a shortage in the market are created, which in turn leads to the constant demand for the coin and its investment profit.
The company MAINCOIN MONEY LTD is committed to the continuous development of the coin ecosystem, showing investors the attractiveness of the project for subsequent investments and the increased demand from commercial companies or ordinary users.


AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD is an arbitrage trading company, which is an official partner of MAINCOIN MONEY LTD .
AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD is not a hype or other organization that works on the principle or to attract investment funds.
AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD is an exclusively cryptocurrency trading platform MAINCOIN .
AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD is a platform that brought together investors from all over the world to develop and promote the cryptocurrency MAINCOIN .


Company AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD conducts constant trading MAINCOIN on partner exchanges, which in turn increases the demand and liquidity of the MAINCOIN coin.
The main objective of AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD is to increase the trading volume of MAINCOIN on exchanges and increase the growth of the coin rate, while achieving the formula - "tomorrow is always more expensive than yesterday"

How does MAINCOIN increase in value and profit?

The cost of MAINCOIN is increasing due to the ever-expanding ecosystem of the coin, the scaling of its markets and its increasing use in the economy.
One of the links in the MAINCOIN ecosystem is the AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD company, and since the company AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD is constantly trading on exchanges, creating liquidity and demand on the coin MAINCOIN , the rate of the coin is constantly growing, and accordingly the profit is increasing.

What is the MAINCOIN yield?

Profitability can reach from 1% to 1000% indefinitely.
Follow the exchange rate growth chart, view company news and trading reports.

How long does it take to keep MAINCOIN in my wallet after purchase?

As a rule, there are no hard recommendations.
You yourself can decide at what point to sell or buy a coin, however, of course, the more time you keep a coin in your wallet, the more it rises in price and, accordingly, you get a big profit.

Where can I sell a coin?

It is possible to sell a coin on any exchanges or exchangers for any currency convenient for you.
Follow the news of AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD as markets and services for the MAINCOIN coin are constantly expanding.

Why is it profitable to purchase MAINCOIN on the AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD platform?

1) No exchange fees.
2) You Do not need to pass a long registration and verification on exchanges and have the skills of a professional trader.
3) On the AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD platform, the MAINCOIN purchase is performed by a trading bot in automatic mode.
4) The Possibility of purchasing MAINCOIN in any quantity and at a fixed price, which is certainly more profitable than buying ON the exchange.
5) Ability to sell coins to the company to anyone who wants to and have generous rewards from the company.
6) A Professional team of traders of the company, whose task is to arbitrate with MAINCOIN on exchanges.
7) Professional technical support.
8) Maximum informing of the platform's partners about the growth of MAINCOIN liquidity, its scaling and development.

What are the risks of losses when working with the AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD platform?

Since the company AVTOMAIN INVEST LTD does not accept the partner’s funds for any investments and does not keep them in its accounts, but makes a deal with a partner for the sale of coins, the partner receives the full amount of the purchased coin MAINCOIN to your wallet at the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction according to the rules of the company, which in itself is a guarantee of possible losses.