Registration with Avtomain Invest
How to register using email.
1. Go to the home page, then click button "Register".

2. On the registration page in the "Invite" field, enter your username your manager, after deleting the managers login that you provided by the company.
Always check your manager login carefully before you finish registration.
The company will not change your manager if you did not enter his login correctly upon registration.
You can choose a manager in the "Rating of Managers" section.
If you do not have a manager or you have not chosen a manager for yourself, you can register under the manager of which the company provides you.
If you register using your managers referral link, make sure that in the "Invited" field there is the login of your manager.

3. Next, in the "Login" field, enter your username.
Your username must be in Latin letters.
Login numbers are allowed.

4. Next, in the "Specify email" field, enter your email address mail.

5. Next, in the "Password" field, enter your password.
Then retype your password in the Password (Repeat) field.
Password must consist of Latin letters and numbers.
For account security, the password must contain at least 8 characters, including 1 capital letter and 1 number.
Never give your passwords to anyone.
The companys technical support never asks for your passwords.
You are solely responsible for the safety of your passwords.

6. Next, read the company rules and click the checkbox in the "I have read and agree with the rules of the company"

7. If you filled in all the fields correctly, click the "Create account ".
Your registration has been completed successfully.
Then you can enter your account using the details you created.