Staking pool
What is Staking and how to participate?

What is Staking Pool in AVTOMAIN INVEST?

- Staking pool is the process of storing funds in your account in order to generate passive income.
Staking pool is the process of pooling the funds of all participants into a single pool to generate a common profit, this pooling of funds is called the Common Pool.
Each member of the Shared Pool receives his share of rewards, corresponding as a percentage of his share in the Shared Pool.
For example, if a participant has 1% of the total pool in the General Pool, then his income will be 1% of the total received remuneration.
Staking pool is a passive income that allows you to earn profit while keeping your funds in your account in the Shared Pool.
The more you contribute to the Shared Pool, the more remuneration you receive as your share becomes larger in the Shared Pool.
The final profit will depend on the length of time you hold funds in your account and on your share of the Total Pool.

Where does Staking profit come from?

- Staking pool is not a pyramid system where a subsequent participant pays a profit to the previous participant through new funds raised.
Rewards for the Staking pool are paid by the company from the execution of the transaction for the sale of the Maincoin cryptocurrency on the AVTOMAIN INVEST trading platform.
By creating a Staking pool, each participant directly participates in the liquidity of the Maincoin coin and receives rewards for this from the company.

In what cryptocurrency is the Staking pool created and in what cryptocurrency is the profit paid?

- Staking pool and payment of income is made in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

How is the profit calculated in percentage in the Staking pool between participants and how is the profit from the company`s transactions calculated?

- For example, a participant opens a pool of 1 ETH, if this participant is alone in the pool, his return is 100%.
If a second participant is added to the pool and also contributes 1 ETH, then the profitability from the total pool is 50% for each participant, respectively.
For example, the company made a deal for the sale of coins on the AVTOMAIN INVEST platform and the profit from the transaction was 0.08 ETH, the profit is distributed between these participants at 50%, respectively, 0.04 ETH for each participant.

What percentage of transactions are accrued to members of the Staking pool?

- From each transaction of the company selling cryptocurrency Maincoin, 0.5% is added to the general Staking pool and distributed among all participants according to their percentage shares in the General pool.

How long can funds be kept in the Staking Pool?

- There is no time limit.
You can keep your funds in the Staking Pool - indefinitely and also receive profits indefinitely.

How much can you earn in the Staking pool and is the profit always constant?

- There is no specific reference to some constant numbers.
The profit in the Staking pool depends solely on the trading activity of the company, in other words, the more the sales company has a turnover and the larger your pool and your share in the pool, the more often and more you will make a profit.
Of course, it is not possible to predict the bidding, at some point the bidding is more dynamic, but at some point not.
And it is possible if at some point there is no trading, then the profit, of course, will not be credited.

Is it possible to return the body of the Staking pool and at what point can it be done?

- There are no freezes in the Staking pool.
You can return the body at any time convenient for you by simply clicking the "Withdraw" button, after which the funds of your pool will be available for withdrawal.
The withdrawal of your pool to your wallet will be carried out according to the company`s regulations after your application.
After you click the "Withdraw" button, you no longer receive profitability on your pool.

What is the risk of opening a Staking pool?

- Nothing, the body of the pool can be displayed at any time convenient for you.
The whole risk comes down to the fact that you either will not have time to get enough profit or you will not get it at all if your Staking pool does not work out enough in time.

Are all the funds of the Common Pool involved in the company`s trading?

- The company does not always use all the funds of the Common Pool, it all depends on the market demand for the Maincoin cryptocurrency, therefore the company regulates the funds of the Common Pool as needed, depending on the specific trading situation, while observing the maximum profitability for the members of the Common Pool.

The total pool is many times greater than the demand, if I open another pool, will I receive income?

- Of course, income on the Staking pool is paid only from transactions for the sale of the Maincoin cryptocurrency and is always distributed among all members of the Common Pool.

How many staking pools can you create?

- There are no restrictions, you can open Staking pools at any time.